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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Some poems by Blake Fitzpatrick

Some of Blake Fitzpatrick's selected poems to be included in the biography "I don't make movies."

Trapped inside a box of hurt
Clamoring about all the shame
Deaf ears are not to blame
They are just the same old maime
Thoughts of doubt are vain
Time to slay the pain
Over and over again

Lost in a sea of sand
Unable to decipher my peculiar hand
Continue hoofing across the land
Withered earth be damned

Standing meek
A purpose I seek
Dreaming of ignorance
Longing for adolescence

Wishing to not know
Hoping to be without a clue
To erase the aweful truth
About what makes us all so damned blue

Born alone into oceans of sin
A destiny of death from the same kin
Chained by rules forbidding that sin
Between a world built on greed and spin

Cruelty surrounds
All earthly bounds
Human control
Population below

Rejection is duty
Existential beauty
Pleasure is pain
Dereliction is fruity
Freedom is truth
Sad, lonesome, and scrupulous.


social pariah
assumed a liar
couldn't be shyer
situation so dire

smoking cleans the pain
like a street in the rain
the somber truth
always back when I regain

so much love to give
want to share and live
never meant to misgive
but I can't hug a shiv

Put the barrel in my mouth
no turning back now
memories shock my brain
like lightning in the rain

Is there any other way
to ending the everlasting display
the fickle and selfish ways
my mind runs astray

Have to stay focused
zero hour is upon us
need to finish the task
and achieve peace at last

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